Parallel Importing

The emergence of the East, namely China, Taiwan, Korea, as well as a host of other Eastern countries, as the “new” factories of the world, has redefined the cosmetic industry. This has resulted in an unprecedented variety of packaging and filling options, which cannot be “matched” on a local basis.

Accordingly, SDK Agencies has adopted the adage of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. What this means, is that SDK Agencies over the past few years has become one of the largest parallel importers of cosmetic (face, body and bath) products into the South African Market.

SDK Agencies has concluded a number of agency agreements with premier eastern cosmetic manufacturers, ensuring price competitive advantage, high quality items, reasonable quantities, timeous deliveries and an elevated level of excellence and expertise in this regard.

SDK Agencies has adopted a strategy of attempting to source distinctive and unique cosmetic items, thereby distinguishing itself from its competitors, and the influx of inferior products currently being imported from this region.

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